Project Josiah Restoration Ministry

For the purpose of stating and preserving the objectives, goals, and purposes of Project Josiah Restoration Ministry and to that end this body may be governed in an orderly manner consistent with the requirements of Law, we hereby declare and establish these Bylaws of our non-profit organization.
We, the membership of the Project Josiah Restoration Ministry , having served our count ry by going into harm’s way in defense of our country’s freedom, having returned with memories of the horrific events associated with combat, bond together for mutual emotional and physical support. We fully appreciate the support of our country and other organizations, but feel that only other combat veterans fully understand what we are feeling. We are a peer mentoring organization without superiors or subordinates. Combat Veterans helping other Combat Veterans. We pledge mutual support, mutual respect and mutual honor to our brothers and sisters.
We pledge our allegiance to our beloved Country, to its Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to all that is the United States of America. We encourage true patriotism among our membership and our community.
We acknowledge and honor all veterans who have ever worn the uniform of our country and served honorably. We seek, by the grace of God, the one thing every warrior cherishes most, peace for all. We have served and will continue to serve, our brothers and sisters, our community and our country, in any way God directs. We honor the memory and the sacrifice of all our brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. We will ensure our fellow countrymen never forget that freedom is never free!