Timothy Shoenfelt

“The Combat Vet Support Group has been instrumental in aiding me in my recovery. My name is Timothy Shoenfelt and I suffer from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD, from the injury that occurred in Iraq. I was medically retired after 13 years of active service in the infantry.
I became so depressed I rarely left my apartment for over two years. By the grace of God, Chaplain Farmer was placed in my life. With his help and the loving support of other Combat Vets I was introduced to, I was able to regain some of my life back. The struggle is ongoing, but knowing you’re not alone is a huge comfort and relief. Knowing other service men and women feel like you feel, gives you a sense of normalcy. The Support Group is key to an otherwise locked door. Veterans helping Veterans is paramount in the healing process, and that is what PJRM has reinforced and brought to the table.
The Group not only brings you closer to others, but closer with your walk with God. He is the true and sole entity that will bring relief to our pain.”